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Miss NY Chinese

Miss NY Chinese also known as Miss New York Chinese or Miss Chinese New York and formerly called as Miss Greater Chinatown NYC Beauty Pageant, is a beauty pageant that selects New York City's representative to the Miss Chinese International beauty pageant held in Hong Kong each year.


1992 was the first year where the Miss Greater Chinatown NYC Beauty Pageant was held. The winner then represented New York City the following year in Hong Kong. From then until 2001, the pageant kept its original name. Starting in the 2002 edition, the pageant's name was changed to Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant, and a semifinals and finals were held. 2004 was the last year where a semifinals and finals were held. Starting in 2005 to currently, only the finals were held.


*Between the ages of 17 and 25.
*Before 2004, the delegates had to reside in New York for at least a year. Starting from 2004, delegates can be from anywhere in the East Coast Region of the US.
*Must be a US citizen.
*Must not have given birth or be pregnant.
*Never been married.
*Have a height of at least 5'2".

List of Winners

With only five placements, New York has not been very successful at Miss Chinese International. However all those placements were high as all five of them placed in the top 5. Michelle Yip, Miss Greater Chinatown NYC 1998 2nd runner up went on to win the title after the original winner resigned and 1st runner up declined title. She competed in Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International 1999 title during her birthday and won. She is the only winner from New York to win so far. New York has also placed as 1st runner up for two times and 2nd runner up for one time. However the 2nd runner up, Amy Chung went on to be dethroned after she was found out to have lied about her criminal records. Only one Miss Asian America has competed for the crown. She was Fala Chen, Miss Asian America 2002. Two Miss Chinatown USA contestants competed in the pageant. One was Fala Chen, who was 1st runner up at Miss Chinatown USA 2003 and the other was Shan Chen, Miss Chinatown USA 2004. Shan went on to place as 2nd runner up in the Miss NY Chinese 2005 pageant.

''Note: The winners from 1992 to 2000 held the title Miss Greater Chinatown NYC and starting in 2002 did the winners earn the Miss NY Chinese title. The winners then competed in the Miss Chinese International pageant next year in Hong Kong.''

1 Age at the time of the Miss Chinese International pageant

Acting Success

Many winners gone to acting in Asia. Most notable is Michelle Ye who was a TVB actress for six years before her contract ended. She decided not to renew her contract as she was granted a golden contract to Media Asia 'Rich and Famous' to have more opportunities in movie industry. Fala Chen is also an actress in TVB now, hosting a few shows in TVB8 and acting in a few series. Nicole Wang is currently in Mainland China for acting.


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