Saturday, October 4, 2008

Miss Astro Chinese International

The Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant is an annual beauty pageant solely organized by Astro_%28satellite_TV%29, a leading cross-media operator with direct-to-home satellite television services in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. This beauty pageant has marked its' place in the local viewers' hearts since the year 1998. The winner of the pageant in each year will be nominated by ASTRO to represent Kuala Lumpur in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, organized by TVB which is held annually in Hong Kong around the Chinese New Year season.

For the year 2007, the organizer had made changes to its competition which is quite uncommon for a beauty pageant contest. This include shooting personal video diary for the contestants and include SMS voting. The final 13 was chosen, and its begins it shooting video with a series of activities. Those activities include beach, learning how to relax, acting, collaboration, participating charity, and some diet advices.

The Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant Challenge, a separate Challenge leading up to the actual Finals, was introduced in 2007 and hosted by Angel Wong Chui Ling. This Challenge consisted of 3 rounds in which contestants had to compete in various activities . If they failed, one contestant will be usually voted out by the contestants themselves. The process goes on for months, until they have 10 contestants for the final. It also believed that the prettiest contestants No. 5 Annie Cheah , a model, was voted in a controversy manner during the pre-final period.

Past Winners

Although without a long history, this annual event is deemed as one of the most successful local beauty pageant ever. Attracting more than 400 hopefuls yearly during the recruitment drive, the pageant offers fabulous prizes and an instant route to stardom for the delegates.

Special Awards

International Pageant

Placement at Miss Chinese International

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