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Miss Chinese International Pageant

Miss Chinese International Pageant or MSCI for short, is an annual beauty pageant sponsored and aired by a leading television station in Hong Kong.

Miss Chinese International 2008

Miss Chinese International 2008, the 20th Miss Chinese International pageant will be held in Foshan, China on January 26, 2008. Outgoing titleholder, Sarah Song of Sydney, Australia will crown the new winner at the end of the two and a half hour show.

Format & name change

Starting in 2007, the pageant will allow mainland Chinese participants, and the Chinese name of the pageant changed from 國際華裔小姐競選 to 國際中華小姐競選, while the English name remains Miss Chinese International Pageant.


The pageant, generally held in January or February, typically features between 19 and 21 contestants , aged at least 17 and no more than 25 years. Contestants are women born in China or of Chinese descent living abroad; each contestant represents a city and/or nation of which she is a resident in the pageant.

Most participants hail from cities with large populations; more than one contestant has represented each of the following cities, arranged by continent:
*Africa: Johannesburg, South Africa
*Asia: Hong Kong; Singapore; , Taiwan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand; Nanning, Guangxi, China; Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China .
*Europe: London, England; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Frankfurt, Germany
*North America: Los Angeles, , San Francisco, Seattle, , United States of America; Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, Canada
*Oceania: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Tahiti, French Polynesia
*South America: , Peru


Contestants representing Canadian cities have won 7 of the 20 iterations of the competition; notably, women representing Vancouver have won four titles .

Contestants from Hong Kong have won the pageant twice, but women representing the administrative region have recorded the most top three finishes, 12 .

List of winners

Special Awards


*Miss Photogenic: Michelle Reis

*Miss Oriental Charm: Kit Wong
*Brightest Smile: Kit Wong

*Miss Oriential Charm: Ann Ma
*Miss Charm: Ann Ma

*Miss Oriental Charm: Rosemary Chan
*Best Ethnic Dress: Amy Kwok
*Media's Favorite: Rosemary Chan

*Miss Handsome Looking: Christy Chung

*Miss Cool & Charming: Saesim Pornapa

*Best in Swimsuit: Ku Hsiang Lin

*Miss Glamour: Pindogmai Kaimock

*Miss Oriental Charm: Hannah Toh

*Miss Motherland: Louisa Luk
*Best Costume: Lisa Wong

*Miss Classic Beauty: Michelle Ye

*Miss Internet Popularity: Sonija Kwok
*Miss Vegas Gorgeous: Sonija Kwok

*Miss Internet Popularity: Mandy Chen
*Miss Talent: Bernice Liu
*Miss Cosmopolitan: Bernice Liu

*Miss Svelte Beauty: Christie Bartram
*Miss Modern China: Shirley Yeung
*Miss Beauty and The Beast: Shirley Zhou

*Miss Best Complexion: Kulaya Duangmanee
*Miss Vitality: Grace Li

*Miss Radiant Smile: Carlene Aguilar

*Miss Gorgeous: Kate Tsui

*Miss Young: Ginney Kanchanawat
*Ceramic Culture Ambassador: Tracy Ip

*International Charm Award: Carol Li
*Miss Chinese Culture: Sarah Song

* Miss Young: Oceane Zhu

Miss Friendship Titleholders

1988: Tanya Lim

1991: Deanna Leung

1992: Sherine Seng

1993: Chang Nien-Chien

1994: Mui Lok-Sze

1995: Gloria Hui

1996: Winnie Yeung

1997: Wendy Giam

1998: Lai May-Ling

1999: Mabel Wong

2000: Jessie Cheng

2001: Chiang Hsing-Ting

2002: Marjorie Wu

2003: Lola Gong

2004: Mandy Cho

2005: Jolene Chin

2006: Annabelle Kong

2007: Parichat Wisuthiphatt

2008: Delaine Lee


*Hong Kong has the most contestants in the top 3. From 1988-2008, Hong Kong has had 2 winners, 8 first runner-ups, and 2 second runner-up finishes.
*Vancouver made history when they took 4 winner's crowns in the last 5 years including back-to-back wins in 2001 and 2002; as well as in 2004 and 2005; more interestingly, in 2001, 2004, and 2005, the three winners studied at the University of British Columbia. They are the only city to win back to back.
*Bangkok has one of the longest streak of semifinalists and finalists. The representatives from 1991-1998 all made it to the top 12. They also had 1 winner, 2 first runner-ups, and 1 second runner-up.
*Hong Kong has the longest streak of semifinalists and finalists. From 1988 to 2005, two made the top 10, four made the top 5, two 2nd runner ups, seven first runner ups, and two winners.
*Only 4 winners have garnered 3 awards including the crown. They are: Kit Wong , Rosemary Chan , Sonija Kwok , and Bernice Liu . No titleholder has taken 4 or more awards.
*The city with the most Miss Friendship titles is Calgary and Kuala Lumpur with 3 wins. Oddly, Calgary's three titles have come roughly 10 years apart from each other.
*It is also notable that no Miss Friendship has ever gone on to win the pageant. The closest was Mandy Cho of Hong Kong in 2004, finishing as the first runner-up.
*The city with the most awards and special awards is Hong Kong with 9 awards
*Two families of sisters have competed at the pageant. The first family were The Pedruco Sisters. Out of the four sisters, all competed at the ''Miss Macau'' pageant. All have won the ''Miss Macau'' pageant crown and represented the city of Macau at the international pageant. The oldest sister, Guilhermina Madeira da Silva Pedruco was 2nd runner up at the 1989 pageant. The second sister to compete in the competition was the third sister, Isabella Madeira da Silva Pedruco, who did not place. The second sister, Geraldina Madeira da Silva Pedruco competed in 1996 and was also unplaced. The last sister was Guiomar da Silva Pedruco, surprisingly was her sister's ''Miss Macau'' successor. She competed at Miss Chinese International 1997, where she made the top 5. They are the only family of 3 or more sisters to compete at Miss World and Miss Chinese International. This record has not been broken till this day.
*The second pair of sisters was the Lu family. Both came from Johannesburg, and both competed at the ''Miss Chinese South Africa'' 2005 pageant. The older sister, Ina Lu finished 1st and her sister, Ivy Lu finished second. Both got the chance to represent Johannesburg at the international pageant as Miss Chinese South Africa is held every two years. Ina went on to win the Miss Chinese International 2006 title, and her sister took 1st runner up at Miss Chinese International 2007. They are the highest placing pair of sisters at the pageant.

Post-pageant careers

Many pageant participants have parlayed their appearances into roles on programs produced by TVB. Winners who have appeared on the network include:-

*Michelle Ye
*Sonija Kwok
*Bernice Liu
*Linda Chung
*Leanne Li
*Sarah Song

Other delegates have also been signed to TVB as contract artists. Notable ones include:-

*Tracey Wong
*Angie Cheung
*Angela Tong , winner of Best Supporting Actress at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2005
*Melissa Ng
*Mandy Cho
*Vivien Yeo
*Fala Chen

Having gained wide public exposure through their pageant participation, two former winners have maintained modeling, filming, and acting careers in Hong Kong:

*Michelle Reis
*Christy Chung

Awards & acknowledgements

*TVB Anniversary Awards 2006 - Best Promotional Clip 最佳宣傳片

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