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Miss China Europe Pageant

Miss China Europe Pageant , or MCE for short, is an annual beauty pageant organized by OrienTouch Entertainment that selects Europe's representative for the annual Miss Chinese International Pageant that is held in Hong Kong, organized by TVB.
With auditions and pre-selections in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, there are 12 delegated selected for the finals held in The Netherlands.
With the support of TVBS-Europe, the finals of the Miss China Europe Pageant 2008 will be broadcasted in 48 European countries.

History and evolution

The pageant went through several name changes and expansions originating in 2000 as the Miss China the Netherlands Pageant with delegates strictly from the Netherlands. It then expanded to be the Miss China Benelux Pageant including residents of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in 2002. In 2003, residents of Germany were also included and the name changed again to Miss China Benelux & Germany Pageant 2003 . Finally, in 2004, the event has grown to become Europe’s biggest Asian beauty pageant, and its name became the current Miss China Europe Pageant. All delegates must have some descent and be between the ages of 18 to 26. The pageant is held at the Holland Casino during the Mid-Autumn festival of every year.

Past pageant results


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2007 歐洲華裔小姐競選2007
* Date: December 3rd, 2007
* Venue: FORTIS Circustheater, the Netherlands


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2006 歐洲華裔小姐競選2006
* Date: November 27th, 2006
* Venue: Beatrix Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2004 歐洲華裔小姐競選2004
* Date: November 5th, 2004
* Venue: Chassé Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Benelux & Germany Pageant 2003 荷比盧德華裔小姐競選2003
* Date: 2003
* Venue: Chassé Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Benelux Pageant 2002 荷比盧華裔小姐競選2002
* Date: 2002
* Venue: Sea Palace, the Netherlands


* Miss China the Netherlands Pageant 2001 荷蘭華裔小姐競選2001
* Date: 2001
* Venue: World Forum Convention Center, the Netherlands

MCE success in Miss Chinese International Pageant

The following is a list of MCE contestants who have won awards at the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

* 龔弦君 Lola Gong , Miss Friendship 2003
* 朱璇 Oceane Zhu , Miss Chinese International 2008 & Miss Youth

MCs and special performing guests

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