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Miss Astro Chinese International

The Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant is an annual beauty pageant solely organized by Astro_%28satellite_TV%29, a leading cross-media operator with direct-to-home satellite television services in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. This beauty pageant has marked its' place in the local viewers' hearts since the year 1998. The winner of the pageant in each year will be nominated by ASTRO to represent Kuala Lumpur in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, organized by TVB which is held annually in Hong Kong around the Chinese New Year season.

For the year 2007, the organizer had made changes to its competition which is quite uncommon for a beauty pageant contest. This include shooting personal video diary for the contestants and include SMS voting. The final 13 was chosen, and its begins it shooting video with a series of activities. Those activities include beach, learning how to relax, acting, collaboration, participating charity, and some diet advices.

The Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant Challenge, a separate Challenge leading up to the actual Finals, was introduced in 2007 and hosted by Angel Wong Chui Ling. This Challenge consisted of 3 rounds in which contestants had to compete in various activities . If they failed, one contestant will be usually voted out by the contestants themselves. The process goes on for months, until they have 10 contestants for the final. It also believed that the prettiest contestants No. 5 Annie Cheah , a model, was voted in a controversy manner during the pre-final period.

Past Winners

Although without a long history, this annual event is deemed as one of the most successful local beauty pageant ever. Attracting more than 400 hopefuls yearly during the recruitment drive, the pageant offers fabulous prizes and an instant route to stardom for the delegates.

Special Awards

International Pageant

Placement at Miss Chinese International

Miss Thailand World

Miss Thailand World is a national pageant, which the winners go to compete in Miss World Beauty Pageant, and the Runner-up who has beautiful Chinese complextion will be selected to participate in Miss Chinese International. Miss Thailand World is not related the previous Miss Thailand or Miss Thailand Universe.

The reigning Miss Thailand World is Kanokkorn Jaicheun, who was crowned on August 4, 2007, in Bangkok by Melissa Mahapol, Miss Thailand World 2006.

This year, Miss Thailand World was scheduled to held in August. However, the board of Miss Thailand World decided to cancel the competition because this year the nationwide have been being in the remembrance of . Accordingly, Ummarapas Julkasian, 1st Runner-up Miss Thailand World 2007, was selected to present at Miss World 2008.

Miss Thailand World was broadcasted on Channel 3 in Thailand.

Performance at Miss World

In 1989, Prathumrat Woramali, as Miss Thailand World 1989, was Thailand's representative at Miss World 1989 at Hong Kong. She won the Queen of Asia Award, and later became the 3rd Runner-up Miss World 1989.

In 1997 at Baie Lazare, Seychelles Tanya Tiana Suesuntisook, as Miss Thailand World 1997, was ranked as the 4th Runner-up Miss World 1997.

In Miss World 2001 at Sun City, South Africa, Lada Engchawadechasilp received Miss Photogenic Award.


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Miss Tahiti

The Miss Tahiti pageant is a long-standing beauty contest competition which awards prizes to young women contestants from Tahiti.
Miss Tahiti will represent the French Territory at the Miss France pageant, the first runner-up will represent Tahiti at the Miss Earth pageant.
Two other pageants held each year on Tahiti are ''Miss Dragon'' , as well as ''Miss Heiva'' . The ''Miss Dragon'' will represent the French Territory at the annual Miss Chinese International beauty contest.


Miss NY Chinese

Miss NY Chinese also known as Miss New York Chinese or Miss Chinese New York and formerly called as Miss Greater Chinatown NYC Beauty Pageant, is a beauty pageant that selects New York City's representative to the Miss Chinese International beauty pageant held in Hong Kong each year.


1992 was the first year where the Miss Greater Chinatown NYC Beauty Pageant was held. The winner then represented New York City the following year in Hong Kong. From then until 2001, the pageant kept its original name. Starting in the 2002 edition, the pageant's name was changed to Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant, and a semifinals and finals were held. 2004 was the last year where a semifinals and finals were held. Starting in 2005 to currently, only the finals were held.


*Between the ages of 17 and 25.
*Before 2004, the delegates had to reside in New York for at least a year. Starting from 2004, delegates can be from anywhere in the East Coast Region of the US.
*Must be a US citizen.
*Must not have given birth or be pregnant.
*Never been married.
*Have a height of at least 5'2".

List of Winners

With only five placements, New York has not been very successful at Miss Chinese International. However all those placements were high as all five of them placed in the top 5. Michelle Yip, Miss Greater Chinatown NYC 1998 2nd runner up went on to win the title after the original winner resigned and 1st runner up declined title. She competed in Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International 1999 title during her birthday and won. She is the only winner from New York to win so far. New York has also placed as 1st runner up for two times and 2nd runner up for one time. However the 2nd runner up, Amy Chung went on to be dethroned after she was found out to have lied about her criminal records. Only one Miss Asian America has competed for the crown. She was Fala Chen, Miss Asian America 2002. Two Miss Chinatown USA contestants competed in the pageant. One was Fala Chen, who was 1st runner up at Miss Chinatown USA 2003 and the other was Shan Chen, Miss Chinatown USA 2004. Shan went on to place as 2nd runner up in the Miss NY Chinese 2005 pageant.

''Note: The winners from 1992 to 2000 held the title Miss Greater Chinatown NYC and starting in 2002 did the winners earn the Miss NY Chinese title. The winners then competed in the Miss Chinese International pageant next year in Hong Kong.''

1 Age at the time of the Miss Chinese International pageant

Acting Success

Many winners gone to acting in Asia. Most notable is Michelle Ye who was a TVB actress for six years before her contract ended. She decided not to renew her contract as she was granted a golden contract to Media Asia 'Rich and Famous' to have more opportunities in movie industry. Fala Chen is also an actress in TVB now, hosting a few shows in TVB8 and acting in a few series. Nicole Wang is currently in Mainland China for acting.


* - Meniscus Magazine

Miss Hong Kong Pageant

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant , or MSHK for short, is a beauty pageant organized by the leading Hong Kong television station, Television Broadcasts .

All participants must have a valid Hong Kong identity card or must be born in Hong Kong . The pageant has been an annual event since 1973. Apart from the top prize winner, first runner-up and second runner-up prizes, the pageant also has other consolation prizes that vary slightly from year to year. Many Miss Hong Kong contestants have gone on to have movie careers as it is quite typical for the top contestants to garner television contracts from TVB.

The pageant is televised into two events. First, a preliminary event is held where 12 semi-finalists are selected from a group of candidates, the number of which is usually around 20-25 . Then a final event is held where the 12 semi-finalists are reduced to a final 5. The second and first runner-ups and the winner are then announced. Often several contestants dropped out of the pageant before the televised preliminary, thus there would be a candidate with #30 assigned to her, but only 25 or so contestants.

Wai Yin Association

Wai Yin Association is the official association for all official contestants . It is a registered charity. It was established in 1982 to help the citizens of Hong Kong.

Miss Hong Kong 2007

Miss Hong Kong 2007 pageant was held in the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 21, 2007. Outgoing titleholder, Miss Hong Kong 2006, Aimee Chan crowned the new winner Kayi Cheung after the show. The first runner-up Grace Wong also won the title of Miss Photogenic and Miss International Goodwill from the same pageant.

Most notable winners and contestants

* Angie Chiu 趙雅芝
* Loletta Chu 朱玲玲
* Cherie Chung 鍾楚紅
* Irene Lo 勞錦嫦
* Barbara Yung 翁美玲
* Cally Kwong 鄺美雲
* Maggie Cheung 張曼玉
* Joyce Godenzi 高麗虹
* Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲
* 李嘉欣
* Monica Chan 陳法蓉
* Anita Yuen 袁詠儀
* Amy kwok 郭藹明
* Valerie Chow 周嘉玲
* Ada Choi 蔡少芬
* Emily Lo 盧淑儀
* Florence Kwok 郭少芸
* Kenix Kwok 郭可盈
* Halina Tam 譚小環
* Natalie Wong 黃紀瑩
* Maggie Cheung Ho Yee 張可頤
* San San Lee 李珊珊
* Fiona Yuen 袁彩雲
* Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼
* Anne Heung 向海岚
* Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮
* Myolie Wu 胡杏兒
* Shirley Yeung 楊思琦
* Mandy Cho 曹敏莉

Summary of winners

''Note*: Miss Friendship from 1987 was replaced by Miss Congeniality ''

Overseas contestant awards list

Starting from 1991, the Miss Hong Kong pageant greets delegates from overseas. They include Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. Local contestants coming from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, London, and more enter at Hong Kong. In 2006, there was a top 16 contestant from the Netherlands. The overseas delegates wait for the notification of their regional sponsors of TVB and if they are chosen, they fly to Hong Kong to compete. The following is a record of overseas delegates' performance at Miss Hong Kong.

* 1991 - 7. Amy Kwok 郭藹明
**Miss International Goodwill
**Miss Humorous Conversation
* 1991 - 13. Maur Yeung 楊凱斯
** Miss Congeniality
* 1992 - 8. Patsy Lau 劉殷伶
**1st Runner-Up
**Miss International Goodwill
* 1992 - 14. Carol Lee 李秋林
**Miss Congeniality
* 1993 - 20. Christina Lau 劉飛飛
**Miss International Goodwill
* 1994 - 18. Dorothy Ng 吳素珊
**Miss International Goodwill
* 1995 - 12. Winnie Yeung 楊婉儀
**Most Standard Figure Award
* 1997 - 2. Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗
**Miss Photogenic
**Eastern Beauty Award
**Metropolitan Charm Award
* 1997 - 12. Vivian Lee 李明慧
**1st Runner-Up
**Miss International Goodwill
* 1998 - 20. Anne Heung 向海嵐
**Miss Photogenic
**Global Beauty Award
**Miss Vivid Metropolitan
* 1998 - 14. Josephine Yan 殷莉
**Miss International Goodwill
* 1999 - 12. Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮
**Miss Photogenic
**Miss International Goodwill
**Miss Millennium Wisdom
* 1999 - 15. Cindy Wong 王倩
**Miss Beautiful Legs
* 2000 - 11. Vivian Lau 劉慧蘊
**Miss Photogenic
**Miss International Goodwill
**Miss Millennium Charm
* 2000 - 17. Margaret Kan 簡佩堅
**First Runner-Up
* 2000 - 5. Maree Lau 劉嘉慧
**Second Runner-Up
* 2002 - 11. Tiffany Lam 林敏俐
**Miss International Goodwill
**Miss New Generational Beauty
* 2002 - 20.Cerina Da Graca 嘉碧儀
**Miss Photogenic
**Breakthrough Natural Skin Award
**Slimming Beauty Award
* 2003 - 2. Mandy Cho 曹敏莉
**Miss International Goodwill
**Miss Swimsuit Charm
**Diamond Skin Award
**Perfect Group
* 2003 - 11. Rabee'a Yeung 楊洛婷
**1st Runner-Up
**Tourism Ambassador Award
* 2003 - 18. Selena Li 李詩韻
**Miss Photogenic
**Miss Talent
* 2004 - 1. Queenie Chu 朱慧敏
**1st Runner-Up
**Tourism Ambassador Award
*2006 - 13. Aimee Chan 陳茵媺
**Miss International Goodwill
**Audience Favourite
* 2006 - 15. Janet Chow 周家蔚
**1st Runner-Up
**Miss Photogenic
*2007 - 3. Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒
**Miss Vitality Ambassador
*2007 - 9. Grace Wong王君馨
**1st Runner-up
**Miss Photogenic
**Miss International Goodwill.
*2007 - 7. Lorretta Chow 周美欣
**2nd Runner-up
**Most Attractive Legs Award
*2008 - 7. Hilda Leung 梁雅琳
**Miss Trendy Vision

Notice that Vancouver has the most Miss Hong Kong winners from the overseas. They had a record of four consecutive winners from 1997-2000. 2000 was the only year where the top 3 delegates were all from overseas. Even though the 2007 pageant had the top 3 all from the US and Canada but Grace Wong and Lorretta Chow traveled to Hong Kong to compete in the pageant, so they are recognized by TVB to be local delegates not overseas delegates. They did however come from the overseas.

Miss Hong Kong showing at the International beauty stage

The top 3 winners of Miss Hong Kong are sent by TVB to represent Hong Kong at various international pageants.

*Miss Hong Kong competes in Miss Universe and .
*First runner-ups competes in Miss World.
*Second runner-ups competes in Miss International.

However, this has not always been the case. For example, Miss Hong Kong 2004 first runner-up, Queenie Chu was sent to both Miss World and Miss International. While Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Ip was sent to compete in Miss World 2005. Miss Hong Kong 1987, Pauline Yeung Po Ling competed in both Miss World 1987 and Miss Universe 1988. Miss Hong Kong 1988, Michelle Reis competed at Miss World 1988. Since 2005, TVB has decided to send the winners to Miss World instead of the 1st runner ups. However in 2006, winner Aimee Chan was 25 years old and was considered overage by the Miss World Organization. As a result the 1st runner up, Janet Chow competed at Miss World 2006.

Big three pageants success

Note: Only the Miss Hong Kong delegates produced by TVB are included here.

Miss Universe
* 1976 ~ Rowena Lam 林良蕙 placed in the top 12.
* 1984 ~ Joyce Godenzi 高麗虹 placed third in the Best National Costume contest.
* 1988 ~ Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲 was 4th runner-up.
''There were no Miss Hong Kong representatives since 2001. The last Miss Hong Kong to compete in Miss Universe is Miss Sonija Kwok, Miss Hong Kong 1999.''

Miss World
* 1974 ~ Judy Dirkin 杜茱迪 won ''Miss Personality''.
* 1983 ~ Maggie Cheung 張曼玉 placed in the top 15, finishing as a semifinalist.
* 1988 ~ Pauline Yeung 楊寶玲 won ''Queen of Asia'' and placed in the top 12.
* 2007 ~ Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 won ''Beauty With A Purpose'' award and placed in the top 16.

Miss International:
* 1981 ~ Deborah Moore 狄寶娜摩亞 won ''Miss Friendship''.
* 1985 ~ Ellen Wong 王愛倫 won ''Best 21st Century Award'' and placed in the top 15.
* 1987 ~ Wing Lam 林穎嫺 won ''Miss Photogenic''.
* 2002 ~ Cathy Wu 胡家惠 won ''Miss Friendship''.
* 2004 ~ Sze Sze Fu 符思思 won ''Miss Friendship''.
* 2005 ~ Queenie Chu 朱慧敏 won ''Miss Friendship''.
* 2006 ~ Koni Lui 呂慧儀 won ''Miss Friendship'' and ''Most Beautiful Smile''.
* 2007 ~ Grace Wong 王君馨 won ''Miss Friendship'' and placed in the top 15..


*The iconic theme song for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant is actually the winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest 1971,''Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue'' made popular by the singer .
*1981 Winner Doris Law 羅佩芝 was deemed disqualified and was dethroned when it was discovered that she had used her sister's health documentation. Therefore, 1st runner-up Irene Lo 勞錦嫦 was crowned first place.
*1982 Finalist Barbara Yung 翁美玲 committed suicide on May 14, 1985.
*1990 First Runner-Up Helen Yung 翁杏蘭 became the only Miss Congeniality/Miss Friendship award winner to advance into the finals .
*1992 Miss Congeniality Carol Lee 李秋林 and finalist Nancy Lee 李思林 are actually sisters of singer CoCo Lee. They were also the first siblings competing in Miss Hong Kong in the same year, while Coco Lee was the runner up of New Talent Singing Awards of that year.
* 1997 First Runner-Up Vivian Lee 李明慧 was a television presenter for Fairchild Television in the mid-90s.
* 1997 Winner Virginia Yung 翁嘉穗 and First Runner-Up Vivian Lee 李明慧 caused controversy when they were involved in a love triangle with Hong Kong businessman Yau-Ching Wu 鄔友正, which resulted in a public feud in 1998. Yung and Wu were eventually married in 1999.
* 1998 The Final was held at the brand new Passenger Terminal Building inside the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok when it was just completed.
*2003 First Runner-Up Rabee'a Yeung 楊洛婷 was Sunshine Girl 2001 First Runner-Up in Vancouver.
*2003 Second Runner-Up Priscilla Chi 戚黛黛 was a finalist in the New Talent Singing Awards Hong Kong Regional Finals in 2002.
*2003 Top 5 Finalist Carrie Lee 李嘉怡 was an on-air weather reporter for Fairchild Television in Vancouver from 1999 to 2002.
*2003 top 12 semifinalist Stephanie Wang 王從希 is the daughter of Hong Kong actor Wei Wang 王偉.
*In 2004, TVB has decided to cancel the semi-finals and just have Miss Hong Kong run as one show from start to finish.
*2004 contestant Winnie Shum 沈穎婷 is the daughter of Hong Kong actress Violet Li 李影.
*2005 Miss Photogenic Shermon Tang 鄧上文 is the daughter of Hong Kong actor English Tang 鄧英敏.
*2006 Winner Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 & First Runner-Up Janet Chow 周家蔚 were both delegates in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant in 2004. Both of them did not place in that pageant.
*2007 Winner Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 entered the Miss Chinese Pageant in 2005 and won the Vivacious Beauty Award. She then became a television presenter for Fairchild Television until April 2007, when she entered Miss Hong Kong as an overseas contestant.
*2007 Second Runner-Up Lorretta Chow 周美欣 won the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 2005. She then represented Vancouver in the where she garnered the Trendy Image Award.

Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant

Greater Toronto Chinese Pageant , renamed in 1999 to Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant or ''MCT'' for short is an annual beauty pageant organized by Fairchild Television that selects Toronto's representative for the annual Miss Chinese International Pageant that is held in Hong Kong, organized by TVB.

Past winners & notable contestants

Winners chart

Full award winners list




Contestant careers

*1995 Finalist Margaret Chung 鍾麗淇 later signed with TVB and became a popular actress until 2005, when she quit acting to pursue a career as a yoga instructor.
*1996 Winner 盧淑儀 became an actress in Hong Kong after winning at the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 1997.
*1996 First Runner-Up Debbie Wong 黃寶瑤 entered Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2000 and won the Best Hair Award. She later became an actress and TV presenter in Singapore.
*1997 Winner Julia Fong 房翠麗 became a singing teacher and was one of the judges at the New Talent Singing Awards Toronto Audition in 2002.
*2001 Winner Christie Bartram 白顈茵 garned first runner-up at the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2002. She is recently seen in television ads for the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards.
*2003 Winner Sarina Lee 李翹欣 is currently a presenter for Fairchild Television in Toronto.
*2004 Winner Lena Ma 馬艶冰 entered Miss World Canada 2008 and garnered 4th runner-up as well as Miss Photogenic and Miss Entrepreneur for Beauty with a Purpose.
*2004 Finalist Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 entered Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2006 and won the crown, Miss International Goodwill and Audience Favorite.
*2004 Finalist Janet Chow 周家蔚 became a presenter for Fairchild Television in Toronto until late 2005. Afterwards, she competed in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2006 and won first runner-up and Miss Photogenic.
*2005 Winner Elva Ni 倪晨曦 currently hosts What's On for Fairchild Television.
*2006 First Runner-Up Belinda Yan 顏子菲 currently hosts What's On for Fairchild Television.

Where are they now?

*2002 Winner Diana Wu 吳丹 is currently studying science at the University of Toronto.
*2003 Winner Sarina Lee 李翹欣 is currently studying accounting at the University of Toronto

MCT success in Miss Chinese International

Following is a list of MCT Winners who have won awards in the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

* 盧淑儀: Miss Chinese International 1997
*Christine Bartram 白穎茵: Miss Chinese International First Runner-Up 2002
*Diana Wu 吳丹: Miss Chinese International Second Runner-Up 2003
*Sherry Chen 陳爽: Miss Chinese International Second Runner-Up 2007


*2000 Winner Cissy Wang 汪詩詩 is the wife of actor Donnie Yen. They have a daughter.
*Bikini was first introduced on stage in 2006.

Miss Chinese International Pageant

Miss Chinese International Pageant or MSCI for short, is an annual beauty pageant sponsored and aired by a leading television station in Hong Kong.

Miss Chinese International 2008

Miss Chinese International 2008, the 20th Miss Chinese International pageant will be held in Foshan, China on January 26, 2008. Outgoing titleholder, Sarah Song of Sydney, Australia will crown the new winner at the end of the two and a half hour show.

Format & name change

Starting in 2007, the pageant will allow mainland Chinese participants, and the Chinese name of the pageant changed from 國際華裔小姐競選 to 國際中華小姐競選, while the English name remains Miss Chinese International Pageant.


The pageant, generally held in January or February, typically features between 19 and 21 contestants , aged at least 17 and no more than 25 years. Contestants are women born in China or of Chinese descent living abroad; each contestant represents a city and/or nation of which she is a resident in the pageant.

Most participants hail from cities with large populations; more than one contestant has represented each of the following cities, arranged by continent:
*Africa: Johannesburg, South Africa
*Asia: Hong Kong; Singapore; , Taiwan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand; Nanning, Guangxi, China; Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China .
*Europe: London, England; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Frankfurt, Germany
*North America: Los Angeles, , San Francisco, Seattle, , United States of America; Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, Canada
*Oceania: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Tahiti, French Polynesia
*South America: , Peru


Contestants representing Canadian cities have won 7 of the 20 iterations of the competition; notably, women representing Vancouver have won four titles .

Contestants from Hong Kong have won the pageant twice, but women representing the administrative region have recorded the most top three finishes, 12 .

List of winners

Special Awards


*Miss Photogenic: Michelle Reis

*Miss Oriental Charm: Kit Wong
*Brightest Smile: Kit Wong

*Miss Oriential Charm: Ann Ma
*Miss Charm: Ann Ma

*Miss Oriental Charm: Rosemary Chan
*Best Ethnic Dress: Amy Kwok
*Media's Favorite: Rosemary Chan

*Miss Handsome Looking: Christy Chung

*Miss Cool & Charming: Saesim Pornapa

*Best in Swimsuit: Ku Hsiang Lin

*Miss Glamour: Pindogmai Kaimock

*Miss Oriental Charm: Hannah Toh

*Miss Motherland: Louisa Luk
*Best Costume: Lisa Wong

*Miss Classic Beauty: Michelle Ye

*Miss Internet Popularity: Sonija Kwok
*Miss Vegas Gorgeous: Sonija Kwok

*Miss Internet Popularity: Mandy Chen
*Miss Talent: Bernice Liu
*Miss Cosmopolitan: Bernice Liu

*Miss Svelte Beauty: Christie Bartram
*Miss Modern China: Shirley Yeung
*Miss Beauty and The Beast: Shirley Zhou

*Miss Best Complexion: Kulaya Duangmanee
*Miss Vitality: Grace Li

*Miss Radiant Smile: Carlene Aguilar

*Miss Gorgeous: Kate Tsui

*Miss Young: Ginney Kanchanawat
*Ceramic Culture Ambassador: Tracy Ip

*International Charm Award: Carol Li
*Miss Chinese Culture: Sarah Song

* Miss Young: Oceane Zhu

Miss Friendship Titleholders

1988: Tanya Lim

1991: Deanna Leung

1992: Sherine Seng

1993: Chang Nien-Chien

1994: Mui Lok-Sze

1995: Gloria Hui

1996: Winnie Yeung

1997: Wendy Giam

1998: Lai May-Ling

1999: Mabel Wong

2000: Jessie Cheng

2001: Chiang Hsing-Ting

2002: Marjorie Wu

2003: Lola Gong

2004: Mandy Cho

2005: Jolene Chin

2006: Annabelle Kong

2007: Parichat Wisuthiphatt

2008: Delaine Lee


*Hong Kong has the most contestants in the top 3. From 1988-2008, Hong Kong has had 2 winners, 8 first runner-ups, and 2 second runner-up finishes.
*Vancouver made history when they took 4 winner's crowns in the last 5 years including back-to-back wins in 2001 and 2002; as well as in 2004 and 2005; more interestingly, in 2001, 2004, and 2005, the three winners studied at the University of British Columbia. They are the only city to win back to back.
*Bangkok has one of the longest streak of semifinalists and finalists. The representatives from 1991-1998 all made it to the top 12. They also had 1 winner, 2 first runner-ups, and 1 second runner-up.
*Hong Kong has the longest streak of semifinalists and finalists. From 1988 to 2005, two made the top 10, four made the top 5, two 2nd runner ups, seven first runner ups, and two winners.
*Only 4 winners have garnered 3 awards including the crown. They are: Kit Wong , Rosemary Chan , Sonija Kwok , and Bernice Liu . No titleholder has taken 4 or more awards.
*The city with the most Miss Friendship titles is Calgary and Kuala Lumpur with 3 wins. Oddly, Calgary's three titles have come roughly 10 years apart from each other.
*It is also notable that no Miss Friendship has ever gone on to win the pageant. The closest was Mandy Cho of Hong Kong in 2004, finishing as the first runner-up.
*The city with the most awards and special awards is Hong Kong with 9 awards
*Two families of sisters have competed at the pageant. The first family were The Pedruco Sisters. Out of the four sisters, all competed at the ''Miss Macau'' pageant. All have won the ''Miss Macau'' pageant crown and represented the city of Macau at the international pageant. The oldest sister, Guilhermina Madeira da Silva Pedruco was 2nd runner up at the 1989 pageant. The second sister to compete in the competition was the third sister, Isabella Madeira da Silva Pedruco, who did not place. The second sister, Geraldina Madeira da Silva Pedruco competed in 1996 and was also unplaced. The last sister was Guiomar da Silva Pedruco, surprisingly was her sister's ''Miss Macau'' successor. She competed at Miss Chinese International 1997, where she made the top 5. They are the only family of 3 or more sisters to compete at Miss World and Miss Chinese International. This record has not been broken till this day.
*The second pair of sisters was the Lu family. Both came from Johannesburg, and both competed at the ''Miss Chinese South Africa'' 2005 pageant. The older sister, Ina Lu finished 1st and her sister, Ivy Lu finished second. Both got the chance to represent Johannesburg at the international pageant as Miss Chinese South Africa is held every two years. Ina went on to win the Miss Chinese International 2006 title, and her sister took 1st runner up at Miss Chinese International 2007. They are the highest placing pair of sisters at the pageant.

Post-pageant careers

Many pageant participants have parlayed their appearances into roles on programs produced by TVB. Winners who have appeared on the network include:-

*Michelle Ye
*Sonija Kwok
*Bernice Liu
*Linda Chung
*Leanne Li
*Sarah Song

Other delegates have also been signed to TVB as contract artists. Notable ones include:-

*Tracey Wong
*Angie Cheung
*Angela Tong , winner of Best Supporting Actress at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2005
*Melissa Ng
*Mandy Cho
*Vivien Yeo
*Fala Chen

Having gained wide public exposure through their pageant participation, two former winners have maintained modeling, filming, and acting careers in Hong Kong:

*Michelle Reis
*Christy Chung

Awards & acknowledgements

*TVB Anniversary Awards 2006 - Best Promotional Clip 最佳宣傳片

Miss Chinese International 2008

Miss Chinese International 2008, the 20th Miss Chinese International pageant was held in Foshan, China on January 26, 2008. Outgoing titleholder, Sarah Song of Sydney, Australia crowned the new winner Oceane Zhu of Paris, France at the end of the two and a half hour show. 23 delegates from 23 cities and 12 countries competed for the crown.

Pageant Results

Final Results

*Miss Chinese International 2008 Winner 國際中華小姐冠軍: ''Number 13'', Oceane Zhu 朱璇 of Paris, France
*The runners-up were 三甲佳丽:
**1st Runner-Up 國際中華小姐亞軍: ''Number 12'', Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 of Hong Kong, China
**2nd Runner-Up 國際中華小姐季軍: ''Number 4'', Aileen Xu 徐萌 of Chongqing, China
*Top 5 finalists 五強佳麗:
**''Number 2'', Lucia Long 龍洋 of Mudanjiang, China
**''Number 20'', Ivy Han Xiaodan 韓曉丹 of Sydney, Australia

*Top 11 semifinalists 十一強佳麗:
**''Number 3'', Cici Chen 陳麗 of Hunan, China
**''Number 5'', Wendy Xu 徐弋雯 of Hangzhou, China
**''Number 7'', Li Qinxin 李沁芯 of Pearl River , China
**''Number 9'', Go Alexis Sy 吳佳穎 of Manila, Philippines
**''Number 10'', Lily Ji Li 吉麗 of Kunming, China
**''Number 23'', Ting Jia Lorigiano 黃婷佳 of Montreal, Canada

Special Awards

*Most Courageous 最具勇氣獎: ''Number 14'', Lisa Li 李莎 of Auckland, New Zealand
*Miss Friendship 友誼小姐: ''Number 15'', Delaine Lee 李德玲 of Calgary, Canada
*Miss Young 青春小姐: ''Number 13'', Oceane Zhu 朱璇 of Paris, France


There are 23 delegates participating this year. The delegates below are sorted by number, country, and continent.


*Number 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Joanne Yew 尤鳳音
*Number 2: Mudanjiang, China: Lucia Long 龍洋
*Number 3: Hunan, China: Cici Chen 陳麗
*Number 4: Chongqing, China: Aileen Xu 徐萌
*Number 5: Hangzhou, China: Wendy Xu 徐弋雯
*Number 6: Bangkok, Thailand: Gam Ueavivatsakul Sakao 黃美玲
*Number 7: Pearl River , China: Li Qinxin 李沁芯
*Number 8: Shenyang, China: Jackie Song Shuangjia 宋雙佳
*Number 9: Manila, Philippines: Go Alexis Sy 吳佳穎
*Number 10: Kunming, China: Lily Ji Li 吉麗
*Number 11: Singapore: Desiree Yong Shi Yang 楊詩穎
*Number 12: Hong Kong, China: Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒


*Number 13: Paris, France: Oceane Zhu 朱璇


*Number 14: Auckland, New Zealand: Lisa Li 李莎
*Number 20: Sydney, Australia: Ivy Han Xiaodan 韓曉丹
*Number 21: Melbourne, Australia: Kelly Meng 孟醇
*Number 22: Tahiti, French Polynesia: Karen Chong 鍾嘉玲

North America

*Number 15: Calgary, Canada: Delaine Lee 李德玲
*Number 16: Vancouver, Canada: Jessica Choi 蔡凱欣
*Number 17: New York, United States: Stacy Wang 王瑩
*Number 18: Toronto, Canada: Liang Wang 王靚
*Number 19: Seattle, United States: Vivien Chan Wing Tung 陳穎彤
*Number 23: Montreal, Canada: Ting Jia Lorigiano 黃婷佳

*''Notes: There are no representatives from South America and Africa this year.''

Historical significance

*The pageant will be held in Foshan for the second time only.
*Cities including Mudanjiang, Hunan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Kunming, and Paris debuted this year.
*Calgary won their third Miss Friendship title, tying Kuala Lumpur for the city with the most Miss Friendship awards.
*Paris wins on its debut and Oceane Zhu's win makes her the first European to win the pageant.
*Hong Kong makes the top 5 for the first time since 2005 and finishes second since 2004.
*Sydney places in the top 5 for the second consecutive year, the first this has occurred.
*Chongqing, Mudanjiang, Hunan, Hangzhou, Pearl River , Kunming and Paris place for the first time.
*Manila makes the semifinals for the first time since 2004, when Carlene Aguilar finished 3rd. Montreal also placed since 2001 when the city took 1st runner up.
*Vancouver fails to place, the last time happening in 2003.
*Toronto does not make the top 10, the first time this has happened since 2005.
*No delegate from the United States made the cut, the first time this has happened since 2003.
*Montreal's Ting Jia Lorigiano 黃婷佳 was the only delegate from North America to make the top 10, and holds the unofficial title of "Miss Chinese North America 2008"

Contestant Notes

*Seattle representative, Vivien Chan Wing Tung was not the original winner. Samantha Chin, Miss Chinese Seattle 2007 was suppose to compete but withdrew due to unknown reasons. Vivien was the Miss Talent winner at the Miss Chinese Seattle pageant.
*Contestant #12, Kayi Cheung of Hong Kong competed at Miss Chinese Vancouver 2005 and Miss World 2007 previously. She is the first Miss World semifinalist to compete at the Miss Chinese International pageant. She also won the Vivacious Beauty award at Miss Chinese Vancouver.
*Contestant #13 Oceane Zhu of Paris is not a legal resident of Paris, France.
*Contestant #23 TingJia Rosalinda Lorigiano of Montreal was the youngest of all competitors, at 17 years old.

Important Remarks

*Chicago, Johannesburg, San Francisco did not send a delegate this year. Despite Johannesburg and San Francisco's success last year, the committees couldn't find sponsors and funds. Chicago originally planned to send Nancy Yinan Xu, the 2008 winner of the Miss Friendship Ambassador pageant but she withdraw in late December. TVB only gave the committee one day to confirm and find a delegate and as all the other contestants were busy, this lead to no Chicago representative this year.
*Rotterdam did not compete as the city did not win the Miss China Europe pageant and the committee only sends one European delegate at the pageant.
*Nanning is also absent this year as the city did not compete at the Miss Chinese International Mainland China finals where the pageant chose a top 5 to compete in Miss Chinese International. The top 5 cities made up the Mainland China group which included cities of Hunan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shenyang, and Kunming. The other China cities were chosen through local television networks which include Mudanjiang and Pearl River .
*One of the judges, Louise Li was Miss Hong Kong Princess 1967 winner.
*Originally a top 10 list was proposed but there was a tie between two delegates over tenth place. This led to a top 11 list, the first time this has happened in the pageant.

References and Links


Miss Chinese International 2007

The Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 pageant was held on January 20, 2007 in Foshan, China. 21 delegates competed for the crown. They were previously in Hong Kong for promotion events and activities. At the end of the two and a half hour show, outgoing titleholder Ina Lu of Johannesburg crowned the new winner.

Pageant Results

Miss Chinese International 2007 Winner 國際中華小姐冠軍: ''Number 12'', Sarah Song 宋熙年 of Sydney, Australia

1st Runner-Up 國際中華小姐亞軍 ''Number 20'', Ivy Lu 呂怡萱 of Johannesburg, South Africa

2nd Runner-Up 國際中華小姐季軍: ''Number 4'', Sherry Chen 陳爽 of Toronto, Canada

Top 5 finalists 五強佳麗:

''Number 9'', '''Sirena Wang 王思寧 of New York, United States of America

''Number 13'', '''Yvonne Chapman 彭美齡 of Calgary, Canada

Top 10 semifinalists 十強佳麗:

''Number 2'', Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 of Hong Kong, China

''Number 3'', Louisa Wu 吳如意 of San Francisco, United States of America

''Number 6'', Chinzy Choi 蔡紫君 of Rotterdam, Netherlands

''Number 14'', Susana Su 蘇小蕊 of Vancouver, Canada

''Number 21'', Zhao Ying Ying 趙瑩瑩 of Nanning, China

Special Awards

Audience Favorite Award 現場最受歡迎佳麗獎: ''Number 9'', Sirena Wang 王思寧 of New York, United States of America

International Charm Award 國際風采獎: ''Number 8'', Carol Li Rui 李睿 of Pearl River, China

Miss Friendship 友誼小姐: ''Number 16'', Parichart Wisutthiphat 林雅志 of Bangkok, Thailand

Miss Chinese Culture Ambassador 中華文化大使: ''Number 12'', '''Sarah Song 宋熙年 of Sydney, Australia

Schedule of Events

*January 3, 2007: 20 delegates arrived in Hong Kong to compete. They will also undergo a makeover. A press conference will be staged in the upcoming days. One of the delegates, Miss Nanning, Ying Ying Zhao is currently not in Hong Kong due to problems. The organizers of the pageant are currently considering her eligibility to compete.

*January 5, 2007: TVB, the organizers of the pageant held a press conference where numbers were assigned to the delegates. Official portraits and official profiles were not available at the moment.

*January 6, 2007: TVB released the official portraits of delegates from number 1-10.

*January 8, 2007: The official site was opened and launched. The site featured a promotion clip with Leanne Li, the 2005 Miss Chinese international winner. Profiles and portraits are yet to be updated. News section is open.

*January 9, 2007: The 20 delegates visited . They also took a ride to Lantau Island through a .

*January 10, 2007: The delegates visited Victoria Harbour on a ship at night.

*January 11, 2007: 20 delegates competed in a talent competition in Hong Kong. Miss New York, Sirena Wang won the Audience Favorite award, voted by the local audience. Her talent was singing Yesterday Once More and playing the piano. The delegates arrived in Foshan where they met up with Miss Nanning, Zhao Ying Ying.

*January 13, 2007: The 21 delegates toured Foshan. Delegates number 1 to 5 made cakes. Some delegates lifted a lion head and some learned the art of paper cutting. The portraits and profiles of all 21 delegates were released.

*January 14, 2007: The 21 delegates competed in a competition for the title, International Charm Award. At the end of the show, Pearl River's Carol Li Rui won the award. The delegates were asked to present a gift from their city and Miss Li introduced the art of paper cutting.

*January 15, 2007: The delegates met the panel of judges in Hong Kong. They include: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma, and Chinese painter, Mr. Yong Qiang Chen.

*January 16, 2007: The delegates traveled back to Foshan for the upcoming finals. They had a ceremony before returning to Foshan upon wishing for a good show.

*January 17, 2007: Outdoor filming and shootings for finals.

*January 18, 2007: Outdoor filming and shootings for finals.

*January 19, 2007: Final dress rehearsal. Miss Bangkok, Parichat Wisutthiphat won the Miss Friendship title, which was voted by her fellow delegates. Finals of the pageant will be held tomorrow.

*January 20, 2007: Finals were held in Foshan, China at 8:30 HK time. In the end, #12 Miss Sydney, Sarah Song won the Miss Chinese International 2007 title and the Miss Chinese Culture Ambassador award.

*January 21, 2007: The newly crowned winners met up with Miss Hong Kong 2001, Shirley Yeung in Guangzhou, China to receive their prizes.


There are 21 delegates participating this year. The delegates below are sorted by number, country, and continent.


*Number 2: Hong Kong, China: Aimee Chan 陳茵媺

*Number 5: Singapore: Leow Cai Ling 廖彩伶

*Number 8: Pearl River , China: Carol Li Rui 李睿

*Number 15: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Novel Lim 林秀婷

*Number 16: Bangkok, Thailand: Parichart Wisutthiphat 林雅志

*Number 17: Manila, Philippines: Rachel Tan Carrasco 陳香利

*Number 21: Nanning, China: Ying Ying Zhao 趙瑩瑩


*Number 6: Rotterdam, Netherlands: Chinzy Choi 蔡紫君

North America

*Number 1: Seattle, United States of America: Tina Leung 梁皓婷

*Number 3: San Francisco, United States of America: Louise Wu 吳如意

*Number 4: Toronto, Canada: Sherry Chen 陳爽

*Number 9: New York, United States of America: Sirena Wang 王思寧

*Number 10: Chicago, United States of America: Mingzhu He 赫明珠

*Number 11: Montreal, Canada: Lois Cui 崔竹子

*Number 13: Calgary, Canada: Yvonne Chapman 彭美齡

*Number 14: Vancouver, Canada: Susana Su 蘇小蕊

South America

''There are no representatives from this region''


*Number 20: Johannesburg, South Africa: Ivy Lu 呂怡萱

Australia & Oceania

*Number 7: Tahiti, French Polynesia: Erwina Chanson 陳雪芳

*Number 12: Sydney, Australia: Sarah Song 宋熙年

*Number 18: Auckland, New Zealand: Cindy Hsu 徐自璇

*Number 19: Melbourne, Australia: Jenifer Jiang 江珏

Historical significance

*This year's pageant will be held in Foshan, China for the first time. It is also the third time the pageant will not be held in Hong Kong.
*This year marks the 19th anniversary of the pageant and is also the first year to accept Mainland China delegates.
*Lima, Peru did not send a delegate for the first time ever since 2003.
*The city of Pearl River and Nanning, China is competing for the first time.
*Delegates from San Francisco, Calgary, and Amsterdam will compete after a two year hiatus.
*First time that two of the judges were former beauty queens: Sonija Kwok was Miss Hong Kong 1999 and the winner of Miss Chinese International 2000. Charmaine Sheh was also 2nd runner up at Miss Hong Kong 1997.
*Sydney wins their second crown, last being Kit Wong in 1989. This is also the second time in five years that the city made the top 5.
*Johannesburg places in the top 3 for the second year in a row.
*Toronto makes the top 5 for the second year in a row.
*Hong Kong fails to place in the top 5 for the second year in a row.
*Vancouver places for the 4th consecutive year.
*Calgary records their first placement in the pageant.
*New York makes the top 5 for the second time in three years, the second time this has occurred.
*Cities that debuted this year, Rotterdam and Nanning both placed as semifinalists.
*Bangkok wins their first Miss Friendship award.

Contestant notes

*Miss Nanning, Ying-ying Zhao was chosen by a local television station to enter a preliminary competition in Nanning. She competed with 7 other Chinese cities in Hong Kong for the title of ''Homeland Beauty'', allowing her to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. However due to a Visa problem, she was unable to arrive in Hong Kong for the first press conference and a talent competition. She joined the delegates later on in Foshan.
*Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lu is the sister of current Miss Chinese International, Ina Lu. Ivy was selected to represent Johannesburg since she finished 1st runner up at Johannesburg's 2005 pageant. Since that pageant is held every 2 years, Ivy therefore is also the only representative from Africa.
*The Miss Chinese Seattle pageant, is held every 2 years. Due to MCI being held every year, the top 2 represents Seattle at the international pageant. 2005's 1st princess : Katie Au was suppose to compete this year. She was later replaced by Tina Leung . It is unknown whether or not she gave up the chance to compete.
*Miss Netherlands, Chinzy Choi is named by TVB as Miss Rotterdam rather than Miss Amsterdam. She is the only representative from Europe.
*Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan failed to land at the top 5 and only made the top 10. This is only the third time that a Miss Hong Kong did not make the top five at MCI. The two other times were: Winnie Young and Tracy Ip . Like Aimee, Winnie placed in the top 10.
*Miss Sydney, Sarah Song takes her city's second winner's crown. She was considered a dark horse by many and her win was a surprise to many.
*Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lu takes second and was really close in succeeding her older sister, Ina Lu, the 2006 winner.
*Miss Toronto, Sherry Chen takes third, her city's 5th placement at the pageant.
*Miss New York, Sirena Wang makes the top 5 in the pageant, she was considered by many a favorite to win.
*Miss Calgary, Yvonne Chapman makes the top 5, her city's first placement in the history of the pageant.
*There was a top 10 selected this year. The last time that the competition had a top 10 was 1996. There was only a top 5 and a top 3 during 1997 - 2006.
*The city of Rotterdam makes the top 10, her city's first semifinalist at the pageant.
*The city of Nanning makes the top 10, her city's first semifinalist at the pageant.
*During the final minute of the show, Sarah Song fell her cape as she was taking her first walk. This was caused by the helper and the 2006 winner, Ina Lu who forget to button her cape during the crowning.

References & Links


Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant

Miss Chinese Pageant or ''MCV'' for short is an annual beauty pageant organized by Fairchild Television that selects Vancouver's representative for the annual Miss Chinese International Pageant that is held in Hong Kong, organized by TVB. The pageant replaced the Miss Vancouver Chinatown Pageant, which selected the Vancouver representatives to the Miss Chinese International Pageant from 1988 to 1995.


The pageant began in 1995 with 13 delegates. The next year the number of delegates reduced to 12. And in the year 2000, the number reduced again to 10. These delegates are residents of Vancouver, Canada, must have some Chinese descent and be between the ages of 17 and 25. The pageant is held at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre in December of every year.

There are several components and competitions that the pageant usually contains:-
*Swimsuit Competition
*Cheongsam Competition
*Evening Wear Competition
*Interview Round
*Talent Competition
*Casual Wear

Hosts & special guests

MCV is one of two major productions for Fairchild Television Vancouver and has had many local and Asian celebrities and performing groups involved. The following is a list of past MCs and special performing guests.

Masters of ceremonies

*1995: Lawrence Cheng 鄭丹瑞, Deborah Moore 狄寶娜摩亞
*1996: Lawrence Cheng 鄭丹瑞, Dominic Lam 林嘉華
*1997: Lawrence Cheng 鄭丹瑞, Dominic Lam 林嘉華
*1998: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
*1999: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Eva Yang 楊宜文, Walter Ngai 倪啟瑞
*2000: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Sam Wong 黃植森, Eric Li 李潤庭
*2001: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Walter Ngai 倪啟瑞, Crystal Pan 潘欣欣, Natalie Au 區念慈, Delon Lew 廖德隆
*2002: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Eva Yang 楊宜文, Crystal Pan 潘欣欣
*2003: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Eva Yang 楊宜文, Annabelle Louie 雷安娜
*2004: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Eva Yang 楊宜文, Anita Lee 李婉華
*2005: Stephen Au 區錦棠, Eva Yang 楊宜文, Anita Lee 李婉華, Ricky Cheung 張文謙
*2006: Joey Leung 梁榮忠, Anita Lee 李婉華, Ricky Cheung 張文謙
*2007: Amigo Choi 崔建邦, Anita Lee 李婉華, Ricky Cheung 張文謙

Special performing guests

*1995: Sandra Lang 仙杜拉
*1996: Angus Tung 童安格
*1997: ''Info Not Available''
*1998: ''Info Not Available''
*1999: ''Info Not Available''
*2000: Teresa Carpio 杜麗莎
*2001: Public Dreams Society, Benny Yau 邱穟恆, Cindy Cheung 張瑋恩, Rebecca Yang 楊詠薇, Jenny Chang 張聖伶, Abraham Siu 蕭正中, Patrick Huang 黃紹廷
*2002: Public Dreams Society, Rita Leung 梁璟裕, Kitty Bao 鮑芳, Gerald Kwok 郭嘉豪
*2003: Public Dreams Society, Gerald Kwok 郭嘉豪, Bella Chen 陳薇
*2004: Ah-Niu 阿牛
*2005: Ekin Cheng 鄭伊健
*2006: Anthony Lun 倫永亮
*2007: Jeremy Chang 張洪量

Past pageant results














Contestant careers

*1995 Winner Tracey Wong 黃月明 signed with TVB after competing in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 1996. She had many minor roles in TVB Dramas with her only notable role being "Sue" in the sitcom ''War of the Genders 男親女愛''. She has not been active in TVB since 2005.
*1995 Finalist Tracy Kam 甘翠思 became a Fairchild TV artist for the next couple of years and has hosted games shows and other programs.
*1996 Second Runner-Up Joanne Yau 邱詩韻 hosted a few programs for Fairchild TV until 2001.
*1997 Finalist Melissa Wu 胡錦濃 became a weather reporter for Fairchild TV for several years before becoming a flight attendant for Westjet airlines. She is currently a realtor in Vancouver.
*1998 Winner Janice Lee 李孟潔 starred in Hong Kong superstar Andy Hui's music video for the song "Real Intentions ".
*1998 First Runner-Up Natalie Au 區念慈 became a presenter for Fairchild TV for the next 5 years, hosting ''What's On''. She also had a supporting role in the Hong Kong film ''Life is a Miracle '' and has guest-starred in the drama ''Da Vinci's Inquest''. She also had a brief stint as a reporter for Global TV. She is now married and has settled in Winnipeg.
*1999 Winner Crystal Pan 潘欣欣 became a popular presenter for Fairchild Television and its Manadarin network, Talentvision. She was the MC for ''New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition'' in 2001 as well as MCV 2001 and 2002.
*1999 Top 5 Finalist Yvonne Fong 方奕匡 became a presenter for Fairchild Television until 2003.
*2000 Winner Bernice Liu 廖碧兒 represented Vancouver and won Miss Chinese International 2001. She is currently signed by TVB and is having a successful career as an actress.
*2000 2nd Runner-Up Alice Chang 張淯茜 returned to Taiwan and is a member of the musical group "One Fifth ". She has also starred in several Taiwanese television series, following her parents' footsteps in the entertainment industry.
*2002 First Runner-Up Alice Kai 蓋鶴文 became a host with Fairchild Television's mandarin channel for half a year.
*2003 Winner Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 won Miss Chinese International 2004 and is now an up-and-coming popular actress affiliated with TVB.
*2003 Second Runner-Up Queenie Chung 鍾寶瑜 hosted ''What's On'' for Fairchild Television for a year before pursuing another career in Hong Kong. She has now returned to Vancouver.
*2003 Miss Friendship Caroline Chang 張雅淇 hosted ''What's On'' for Fairchild Television in Vancouver. In 2005, she re-located to the East Coast to become a flight attendant and has hosted for ''What's On'' in Toronto as well. She is the only Fairchild TV artiste to have relocated and still remain a contract artist in the new city.
*2004 Winner Leanne Li 李亞男 won Miss Chinese International 2005 and have signed with TVB as well. Because of her limited spoken Cantonese, she was first assigned to host on TVB's mandarin channel TVB8. However, Leanne has started to pick up supporting roles in TVB's Cantonese dramas lately.
*2005 Winner Crystal Li 李培禎 returned to Taiwan and has signed with EeLin Modelling Agency to pursue a career as a model.
*2005 First Runner-Up Lora Sun 孫青青 became a host with Fairchild Television's mandarin channel, Talentvision. She is currently a television actress in China.
*2005 Miss Friendship Susan Wong 黃潔華 hosted infomercials and ''What's On'' for Fairchild Television.
*2005 Vivacious Beauty Award winner Kayi Cheung 張嘉兒 hosted ''What's On'' on Fairchild Television until April 2007 when she returned to Hong Kong as an overseas contestant in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and won the crown. She then went on to win the Beauty with a Purpose award and placed in the semi-finals of Miss World 2007 representing Hong Kong. She finally went on to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2008 and took first runner-up.
*2006 Audience Popularity Award winner Amy So 蘇家慧 currently hosts ''What's On'' on Fairchild Television.

MCV at Miss Chinese International Pageant

Vancouver has generally been fairly successful at the Miss Chinese International Pageant despite not placing in the top 3 until 2000, when Crystal Pan was 2nd runner up. In 2001, they produced Vancouver's first MCI winner, Bernice Liu. Liu later joined TVB and is currently an actress. She was succeeded by Shirley Zhou in 2002. Linda Chung and Leanne Li then both won the Miss Chinese International 2004 and 2005 titles, represectively. Vancouver has produced 4 winners and including two back-to-back wins , a record no other city has yet to break.

''Note: The winners from 1987 to 1994 are Miss Vancouver Chinatown, the pageant that was replaced by MCV.

1 Age at the time of the Miss Chinese International pageant

Miss Chinatown USA

The Miss Chinatown USA pageant, based on communities within the U.S., greets delegates around the country. The pageant has been held for over 48 years with the first pageant being conducted in 1958. The winners of this pageant represent the Chinese community and act as ambassadors promoting Chinese culture and heritage. Though crowned as Miss Chinatown USA, the delegates speak in for the competition.

Miss China Europe Pageant

Miss China Europe Pageant , or MCE for short, is an annual beauty pageant organized by OrienTouch Entertainment that selects Europe's representative for the annual Miss Chinese International Pageant that is held in Hong Kong, organized by TVB.
With auditions and pre-selections in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, there are 12 delegated selected for the finals held in The Netherlands.
With the support of TVBS-Europe, the finals of the Miss China Europe Pageant 2008 will be broadcasted in 48 European countries.

History and evolution

The pageant went through several name changes and expansions originating in 2000 as the Miss China the Netherlands Pageant with delegates strictly from the Netherlands. It then expanded to be the Miss China Benelux Pageant including residents of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in 2002. In 2003, residents of Germany were also included and the name changed again to Miss China Benelux & Germany Pageant 2003 . Finally, in 2004, the event has grown to become Europe’s biggest Asian beauty pageant, and its name became the current Miss China Europe Pageant. All delegates must have some descent and be between the ages of 18 to 26. The pageant is held at the Holland Casino during the Mid-Autumn festival of every year.

Past pageant results


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2007 歐洲華裔小姐競選2007
* Date: December 3rd, 2007
* Venue: FORTIS Circustheater, the Netherlands


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2006 歐洲華裔小姐競選2006
* Date: November 27th, 2006
* Venue: Beatrix Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Europe Pageant 2004 歐洲華裔小姐競選2004
* Date: November 5th, 2004
* Venue: Chassé Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Benelux & Germany Pageant 2003 荷比盧德華裔小姐競選2003
* Date: 2003
* Venue: Chassé Theatre, the Netherlands


* Miss China Benelux Pageant 2002 荷比盧華裔小姐競選2002
* Date: 2002
* Venue: Sea Palace, the Netherlands


* Miss China the Netherlands Pageant 2001 荷蘭華裔小姐競選2001
* Date: 2001
* Venue: World Forum Convention Center, the Netherlands

MCE success in Miss Chinese International Pageant

The following is a list of MCE contestants who have won awards at the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

* 龔弦君 Lola Gong , Miss Friendship 2003
* 朱璇 Oceane Zhu , Miss Chinese International 2008 & Miss Youth

MCs and special performing guests